How to convert your blog into a money making machine – by Ankesh Kothari at India’s First WordCamp

// Published February 22, 2009 by Paritosh Sharma

Ankesh Kothari, speaks about talks about how to turn a blog into a Business, and he starts with a story, of a boy and his shoes.

A lot of people out here have been blogging but they still dont have the ideas of really hoe to convert a blog into a business

How many have a blog and it is not active anymore? – Well not many in the room.

Ankesh says there is no incentive in taking the blog further and that is why this happens. there could be different sorts of incentives. Monetary, Fame and the rest…

Why relying on Ads is a BAD IDEA?

You can compete with New York Times, I’ll show you how. Can you make your blogging Worth YOUR While?

You are probably working from yoru kitchen table so competing with such big companies is a scary thought…Ankesh shares the story of Car manufactures, GM and what made them do this, and Ankesh gives his thoughts, on how to really implement it into your blogging!

The Tripod strategy for blogging by Ankesh

The strongest, most geomtrical figure in nature is a triangle…if you have the three prong approach to your blog, well it would be stable, just like a three legged table is! It will take you at least 2-3 years for you to make money from your blog.

How do you get Ads, ehen your blog is NEW?

Find out who is advertising on your competitors website, and hit them on the charge structure. Out of 5 such advertisers, definitely 2-3 of them will test your platform for their Ads. Say if 100 people visit yoru blog 1 of them will end up buying your 10 dollar product and this money, should really go into your advertising budget, which would fetch you more business.

How do you go about creating a front end product on the very first day?

Create an audio product – Ex: an interview a personality for your blog. You can have a 45 minute to a 1 hour audio product which you can get rolling within a day. Play on pricing, its important to price and position your product right.

The third prong – keep creating products (these may not really be manufactured by you) you could just act as a successful integrator. Ankesh is a great chap, who is open in sharing the real time examples of products that he is working on in his presentation (which I’ll get for you guys, exclusively on this blog!!)

If you have this three pronged approach, you will have an upper hand over the other bloggers. My blogs become profitable and sustainable within the first 100 days. And hence competing with Gawker Media and NY Times, is really not a great deal.

How do you market your Blog?

  • Guest posting
  • Digg, SU, twitter
  • Networking: forums and events
  • PPC
  • Affiliate programs

Ankesh shares a story of “the most known bank robber in the US history, who is being interviewed by a journalist” and the journalist says, you’re the smartest guy I have ever met. You may have become a senator. And Billy answered in a simple way that is: “I target banks, because that is where all the money lies:) Interestin Ankesh!!

  1. Go where your audience hangs out – marketing Prong ONE
  2. Chase your prey – marketing Prong TWO
  3. Content is the king – GOOD content, though
    • Crappy content can make money, there are examples, but you just need to be plain simple lucky for it

Ankesh ends the session with a 100 day plan strategy for your blog!! Do the most of the work in this time and keep on with your momentum. Give yourself time and keep going strong.

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