Microsoft, Your Agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies SPAMS, Non-stop!

// Published June 17, 2013 by Paritosh Sharma

Dear Deepanshu, (Marketing Director, Microsoft Corporation, Gurgaon, India)

I am Paritosh Sharma. By passion and profession, an internet entrepreneur. I am writing this blog from a Windows PC (hence a Microsoft customer).


Over and above all, I respect Bill Gates, who Iv admired/ followed/ emulated/ copied/ learnt from since I was in class 9th.

*this post has nothing to do with either of you. I mentioned Bill as, I’d leave no chance of mentioning someone who has changed the world. And You, as you’d get to know, please read further.

As a passion: I Blog

As I said, I blog for passion, at times I do plugs, to help fellow entrepreneurs/ friends. These are free plugs (aka: I don’t host paid stuff). Very rarely I repeat posts from other interesting blogs (After taking due permission from the original authors).

But I don’t SPAM!

And neither should an agency which has retained Microsoft as a client. I have been constantly receiving Emails from teams at Hill+Knowlton with attached PR’s and pictures and what not (please see the screen shots below):

Microsoft - Hill + Knowlston - SPAM

By now anyone reading this post will know that your agency has been un-necessarily SPAMMING me and may be many other bloggers, even after multiple conversations, requesting removal of my Email from their spam-the-bloggers AND sell-social-PR-to-client-for-a-bomb list.

This is not an attack: don’t get into the fire-fighting mode, which the

agency might suggest!

I had written an Email to your PR company before doing this post. This is neither a social media attack nor its meant to harm anyone. Its only to wake the monster MS up, such that you guys check where your marketing dollars go? If you were to spend 50% of that (actively) helping the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, you wouldn’t have to SPAM bloggers. You will reach to those influencers, adopters and genuine feedback providers (who your agency is trying to engage by SPAMMING).

Now if MS and HKS won’t own it up and respond, with a genuine action pointer (and not just the corporate inclusive ‘we own it’ apologies), Im sure the customers will own it up.


Sudha Sarin, (Managing Director, Public Affairs at IPAN HILL & KNOWLTON): called up yesterday (17/June/2013) 5:35PM (IST) after a mail exchange, where my only question was: “If we’re building such a culture of ‘promising’ but ‘zero action’ employees, how will we ever create world changing stuff? How will we inspire thousands of others to change lives and build better? Earning the monthly salary, if that’s the only aim, its sad”. She assured of all necessary action.

I got a follow up call just now (18/June2013) 4:59PM (IST) , re-assuring of all necessary action.

Will keep updating the blog if there are any further udpates. Also, I welcome all comments, thoughts, issues, whatever it might be. Lets inspire the world and change for better!


  1. Ramit
    June 17, 2013 @ 6:36 pm

    Wow Paritosh, these people just don’t give up do they ! They think after so many No’s a YES is coming.

    Maybe just this time they’ll understand you.

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