Without a Television!

// Published June 30, 2013 by Paritosh Sharma


Image Credits: The Guardian


5 Months and life without a television. How’s it been?


Me and My wife started this experiment (which was un-intentional) about half a year back. Un-intentional, as after reaching home from work, it used to be dinner and the tired body then wanted rest. So off to sleep. The box, remained active while we were paying for the cable services. We were paying for set of services which we rarely were consuming.

Fast forward >> Cable TV dumped, Now what to do with the TV?

Month I: not much of a feeling, life was normal as usual. Though our dinner discussions became more productive.

Month II: we realized we both like, documented stuff. So we got documentaries from the nearby music store. The collection started building up. We knew how long the movie was, hence we structured our time for the movie. This was not sudden, it was planned, hence time utilized consciously.

Month III: the movies! With differing tastes in movies, we started creating a mini library of stuff that interests both. And then the question, ummm, I have seen this before, what new can I see? Lets YouTube!

And started our journey of consuming tonnes of content on our mobile devices, connect them with your TV and you have a brilliant experience. Now we were consuming content on demand and when we wanted to. The additional advantage was of being able to download some of the content for free and keep it as a local library.

Month IV: the consumption patterns changed. As our content became mobile with us. We started utilizing our travel time (to work and back) consuming content. The intelligent internet started giving us relevant recommendations and obviously it helped us save time.

Month V: the CHALLENGE. Get the TV back, lets see what happens.

Just 4 days back we got the TV back on. And in the past 4 days, we have watched 1.5 movies. May be 10 minutes (in ┬átotal) of news and that’s it.

My content consumption patterns on mobile still rule the game. TV sure has taken a back seat. Im unsure if I’d re-activate the pack for the next month (DTH service).


  1. siddhant satija
    June 30, 2013 @ 10:07 am

    Content consumption, video’s over 3G, was it a smooth drive? as in an uninterrupted buffer ?

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