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From भारत to Digital India

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Change is the only constant. The kind of change and the pace of change that we are seeing today around the world is something that not many would have expected as soon. Humanity is evolving.

The human spirit of challenging the set world order and the way the world works is pushing humanity to a whole new realm of existence.

From भारत to Digital India

The new world order is not about oil or guns. Its data. Data comes from consumption and India is the second largest consumer base globally. We are a billion+ people and growing.

There was a time when India took the lead in IT by becoming the world’s back office and development center. Tables have turned and its time India emerges as a leader in the global digital transformation.

What’s happening inside India?

Most reports speak of large numbers representing the Digitally connected India; but most people yet do not know how is भारत actually using Digital. In भारत I include (MSMEs, SMEs, Village level entrepreneurs).

Its important to travel across the country to understand what’s on the ground. How small entrepreneurs are changing the course of this great nation and the world. How their rise is improving lives for their families and societies around.

They don’t call it “Incredible India” just like that. The journey From भारत to Digital India is incredible and I am at it.