Events Drive Curious Email Sign-Ups

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Events Drive Curious Email Sign-Ups

How can events drive Email Sign-ups?

An important and unique part of the human nature is curiosity. Its the human curiosity that drives exploration and often the hustle to find/ build new solutions. Events raise curiosity. They open the road to possibilities.

Events raise curiosity!

Events are an incredible way to capture someone’s curiosity. When a person moves from his/ her comfort zone to visit your event, its a strong signal that he/ she imagined an opportunity being fulfilled. 

Events drive Email sign-ups!

Events are an incredible way to drive curious and loyal Email sign-ups. The probability of someone giving the permission to send him/ her information via Emails after he/ she visits a valuable event is very high.

While there’s no factual research, a Google search shows various sites stating the sign-ups probability increasing by a whopping 50%+. Its incredible.

Build a branded property

Whatever be the size of your business, building a branded property is one of the smartest moves you’d ever make. Google I/O, Facebook F8, Apple’s WWDC are amongst the several examples. Overtime they have grown to be massive communities of loyalists and early adopters.