Why should every business leader begin a Masterclass on video?

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Why should every business leader begin a Masterclass on video?

The most powerful form of engagement on the Internet in 2018 has been videos and the format being inspiration. The world’s most engaging search engine – YouTube has an insane traction on inspirational and motivational content.

This is NOT A TREND. This is the true manifestation of what people around the world are experiencing and what possible solutions are they engaging with.

Knowledge is the first step in creating trust. Deep insight seals the bond.

Consumers / customers today have access to all kinds of information on their mobile devices. On one hand decision making has become a lot simpler, though on the other hand it has all become too complex because of all kinds of noise.

Business leaders must begin a #MASTERCLASS on video (share knowledge + deep insight)

For business leaders today the greatest advantage is to be able to communicate with the world via videos. This is an unprecedented opportunity to share knowledge and deep insights.

Remember, that YouTube, Linkedin and other distribution platforms will ensure that your #MASTERCLASS gets discovered by a relevant and large set of audience.

How should a #MASTERCLASS on video be like?

Create a structure that works for you. I always suggest my customers to spend 6-8 hours every month in creating at least 4 – 6 videos that are highly curated. If 1 video is posted every week, you have at least 1 month of content ready with you.

How is the above structure of benefit for growth stage businesses / business owners?

The leverage is exponential. Here is the mathematics:

  • What you invest in time: 8 hours
  • What you get in return:
    • 4 highly crafted videos
    • These videos when spread over Linkedin, YouTube, Whatsapp create exponential leverage for your sales and marketing teams to open all kinds of conversations
    • + You are speaking with the world around, even when you are sleeping, because the videos make it happen for you

This is why you must begin a #MASTERCLASS soon!