Starbucks mobile payments beat Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay in the U.S.

Fintech has been one of the top buzzwords in 2018. Mobile payments has been one of the top fintech applications. While in India amongst the private players PayTM won the game. It has only begun, I feel. UPI is a game changer and so is Aadhar enabled payments.

In the U.S. though, Starbucks emerged the winner

According to eMarketer, Starbucks has been the most used mobile payment apps in U.S. in 2018*:

  • Starbucks app: 23.4 million users
  • Apple Pay: 22.0 million users
  • Google Pay: 11.1 million users
  • Samsung Pay: 9.9 million users

*in-store payments

It is really the value and ease of use that drives adoption in fintech. Its how VAS drove adoption and engagement for telecom and it always will. Without the app-store, the smart phone won’t remain much smarter.