What is the most valuable reason that your customers pay you for?

  • Why do your customers pay you?

  • If you were to increase your price, will they find an alternative?

  • What exact element of your overall offering do your customers value the most?

You must find a no frills, no jazz, no cover-up answer for question #3. This is exactly what will define your public narrative and the exact story for your sales and marketing teams to engage your customers with.

For some of you, the answer to the above question will also help you define your most valuable customer segment.

When I asked my customers the same question, below is what I discovered:

  • Customers value the exact public narrative that we design for them every month – they pay for the clarity that they get on what to communicate
  • They value the fact that we spend 6 – 8 hours every month with our customers and create the most valuable public narrative for them that wins them business growth and unlocks more opportunities

The above is an interesting revelation because ; for a long time we used to believe that ‘video creation in a lean format’ is our strength and that is what the customers pay for.