Fake it till you make it does not apply in building a trusted personal public narrative

I keep hearing at conferences and otherwise on the Internet from young entrepreneurs that it is okay to fake it till you make it. I don’t agree to the idea of faking it in any way. There is no point faking anything.

Do not fake it especially if it is your personal public narrative

The playbook that I share with my customers has the above amongst the top “5” fundamentals to always follow. In no way can you fake it and build trust. Similar to how you cannot build fake personal relationships, you cannot and you must not fake it even while you are trying to make something of value.

It will come out. On the Internet people see through you a lot faster.

You cannot assume yourself to be the smartest in the room. If that’s the case, you are in the wrong room. This room won’t add to either your growth or your business.

So what must you do?

  • Be authentic – you are who you are
  • Share gratitude – gratitude spreads. When people speak positive about you even when you are not around, that’s when you become successful