Why does Mukesh Ambani’s public narrative attract the world?

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Why does Mukesh Ambani’s public narrative attract the world?

This post is majorly my reflection of Mukesh Ambani’s speech that I heard yesterday at the Indian Mobile Congress, 2018.

I was standing with my camera about 20 steps from Mr. Ambani whose speech got a rousing acceptance. I also noted something interesting. The media persons around me swung into action when it was Mukesh’s turn to speak. Other industry stalwarts spoke before him.

Other speakers caught people’s attention. Mukesh caught people’s aspirations.

130 crore Indians are getting connected

Reliance Jio is fundamentally changing India. This was one of the biggest, the most audacious bet that Mukesh Ambani made. I am sure there might be islands of doubt, but Mukesh and his team at Jio are writing a new history of the new India. The world is watching.

What made Mukesh’s public narrative so appealing?

  • Mukesh’s entire speech was full of the vision of India
  • He spoke of how Jio is connecting the rural India and how that will open up a larger economy
  • He spoke how India was considered amongst the poorest countries, which is not true anymore
  • His choice of words were not about his company, he did not mention Jio several times, he did not rant about any policy makers. He garnered everybody’s respect because he captured their aspiration.

From the media journalist at IMC 2018 to the delegates, everybody was thrilled to hear Mukesh.

If India is your audience, aspiration is the common denominator

IF there was an aspiration metric to measure for global economic growth, India will top the charts everytime. I can safely assume it will happen for at least the coming 2 decades.