Its never been easier to tell your story and that’s why its never been harder to make people to care

Anybody can tell a great story and publish it in no time on the Internet. This is the greatest advantage that social media and the web have created for humans.

I believe that everybody has the ability to tell a story. In fact with access to social media you can even develop a strategy to distribute the story to a certain audience.

Its never been easier to tell your story and that is exactly why its never been harder to make people truly care about your story.

In the age of social media, getting people to listen has become the hardest. 

When your ideas make people trust that you will improve their lives, they care about you.

There’s never been a better time to reach out and inspire the world. But again the people you are trying to engage are bombarded with noise on their feeds. It confuses people. It makes people switch off.

Can your ideas make people believe that they can have a better future? This is exactly what your public narrative must be.

The greatest storytelling is about sharing ideas that make people believe that you are going to help them create a better future.

About the author:
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