How can you unlock your time for more valuable actions that grow business?

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How can you unlock your time for more valuable actions that grow business?

Most founders find that a lot of decision making gets stuck at their end. This forces them to spend time on things that otherwise must only use their least attention.

In 2018 I worked with 3 founders from India. I worked as their consulting VP of growth strategy and communication. This means, I was plugged into their business almost like their paid employees, but with an unfair advantage. I was being paid to save their time. I understood the exact value that I am creating for them.

The first step to unlocking your time?

You have to first make the following lists:

  • What all decisions are at your desk?
  • How much of your time every week is involved in marketing, HR, operations, admin, product and networking? (give special focus to marketing – it consumes the most time and mostly has the most expectation mismatch)
  • Do you have a clear time scheduled with your reporting managers OR can any body knock in and walk in to your door for even the smallest decision making?

Step #2: 

  • Put all the important reporting meetings on your calendar. Do not entertain anything on the sidelines, unless it breaks your business.
  • Keep “5” hours every month for high quality business networking – schedule it in your cal.
  • Keep “5” hours every month for reading / learning something new.
  • Schedule clear number of hours on each of the business functions where your decision making is required (eg: “6” hours on each)
    • Overtime you have to delegate and reduce dependency on your decision making. Trust people that you have hired.

Step #3: 

This is one of the most important steps in the entire chain. As a founder who ensures that you are delivering to your calendar?

  • Hire an entrepreneur who you can deeply trust. He/ she must and will schedule specific time with you to ensure that you are incredibly efficient. He/ she must be deeply engrained in your win. Because your growth is their growth.