Founders : hire entrepreneurial attitude to unlock your time first, for skills second

How do successful founders unlock their time? The greatest founders talk about hiring people smarter than themselves. What does that really mean?

  1. Hire entrepreneurial attitude first

  2. Unlock your time

  3. Train for skills

Successful founders know it is about unlocking time to focus on more relevant and value creating activities that grow business and people. 

How to put value to ‘smartness’?

It is simple mathematics. Lets say the founders per hour time is X, the smarter person that you will hire, their time is X-(some figure). Now put a time value to the goal that needs to be achieved. Example : 20 hours is what would be required to finish the project. The monetary value hence will be a lot lesser if the smarter person owns and executes the project end to end.

The founders time is required only for reporting and updates.

About the author:
We help founders unlock their time by ensuring that their teams use a system, tools and processes to achieve goals within time. This increases the team ownership, productivity and turn around in time. The founders focus on more valuable actions, grow less concerned about the teams productivity and everybody creates value greater than themselves.