How many hours do you have scheduled in your calendar to meet your customers?

All the founders that I work with have one thing for sure. They have a defined number of hours scheduled in their calendars already for the customers they will be meeting (in-person or on phone) in 2019.

The above might seem trivial. Its not. This time is now blocked and will move / be re-scheduled only if there is something extremely urgent or show stopping. 

This activity has achieved two extremely important results for my customers:

  1. They qualified the customers that they must spend time with personally
  2. They scheduled the time and hence they were forced to prioritise their time (both personal and professional)

The two other goals that have been achieved are:

  1. My customers will never crib about work-life balance
  2. My customers will win – because they know they are several steps ahead in engaging their customers

About the author:
We help founders unlock their time by ensuring that their teams use a system, tools and processes to achieve goals within time. This increases the team ownership, productivity and turn around in time. The founders focus on more valuable actions, grow less concerned about the teams productivity and everybody creates value greater than themselves.