How do we ensure our customers do not waste their time on YouTube randomly?

How do we ensure our customers do not waste their time on YouTube randomly?

The 3 most important deliverables that we have to our customers are:

  1. Ensure the founders/ CXOs calendars are scheduled for productivity
  2. Ensure that their teams schedule and follow calendars
  3. Ensure that the founders/ CXOs do not waste time randomly

An important part of #3 is YouTube.

Founders of-course realise the need for learning and there is no better resource than YouTube.

But with so much of free video content it is easy to lose track of time and go with the flow. This is exactly why we deliver a bi-monthly Email to our founder / CXO customers where we send them links to highly curated videos right from the very second we’d like them to watch the videos. So instead of watching a 10 minute interview, you get the mot important part from 2:32 – 4:00 minutes. And you are out.

This is part of the deeper value creation that we ensure for our customers. It is important purely because only when the founders ensure growth for their companies, will we grow. So we are fundamentally investing in our customer’s growth which is our growth.

About the author:
We help founders unlock their time by ensuring that their teams use a system, tools and processes to achieve goals within time. This increases the team ownership, productivity and turn around in time. The founders focus on more valuable actions, grow less concerned about the teams productivity and everybody creates value greater than themselves.