Successful founders unlock time by training their teams to be more productive

Successful founders are able to unlock time and focus on more valuable actions because they train their people with tools, processes and system to manage time and achieve goals.

When people are more present about their time and goal commitments, they either deliver or the system’s transparency calls them out.

The greatest example in business history on training people and getting the culture back

The greatest example in the history of business is when Howard Schultz got back to Starbucks as CEO, he ordered all Starbucks baristas to be re-trained in the art of brewing good coffee. Brewing coffee with love as he said. He shut the fully automatic machines because for him the culture and love of the company was of greater importance.


About the author:
We help founders unlock their time by ensuring that their teams use a system, tools and processes to achieve goals within time. This increases the team ownership, productivity and turn around in time. The founders focus on more valuable actions, grow less concerned about the teams productivity and everybody creates value greater than themselves.