What are you doing tomorrow morning at 5?

What are you doing tomorrow morning at 5?

I generally ask this question in my conversations with entrepreneurs and others who I will probably work with in the coming future. The purpose behind the question is to understand how well is the other person scheduled?

While you might not have anything scheduled for 5am, you will probably say, since you go for a jog/ game of Golf at 6:30, you will get up at 5:30.

The answer to this question helps me make mental notes of how well is somebody aware of his/ her time.

This information also helps me understand how deeply can I help somebody to unlock their time.

I share this method of calendar optimisation in the Unlock Your Time Workshop.

About the author:
We help founders unlock their time by ensuring that their teams use a system, tools and processes to achieve goals within time. This increases the team ownership, productivity and turn around in time. The founders focus on more valuable actions, grow less concerned about the teams productivity and everybody creates value greater than themselves.