Do you want to increase your revenue projection for 2019? Unlock your time now!

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Do you want to increase your revenue projection for 2019? Unlock your time now!

2 of our customers have increased their revenue projections for 2019 by 30% with a small increase in the overall people and technology investment.

In 2018, the interventions that we created in our customer’s businesses saved the founders a collective of 2200+ hours.

The founders have been able to do it purely because, the time that we unlocked for them allowed them to:

  1. Focus on more valuable customers
  2. Open new markets
  3. Position their solutions / offerings in a more valuable manner to customers
  4. Improve collections
  5. Increase their overall touch-points with customers in 2019

What interventions did we make?

  1. All team members reporting to the founders were trained and inspired to schedule all their days on calendars (some including weekends)
  2. Key team members had weekly calls scheduled with us to tack progress
  3. Progress reports were shared with the founder every 2 weeks
  4. Quarterly we hosted the unlock your time workshop (to ensure the overall company culture appreciates time and efficiency)
  5. We also helped the founders to re-brand + consolidate their service offerings to make them more valuable for their customers (revenue optimisation)

How can we make it happen for your business?

  1. Lets begin by hosting the Unlock Your Time workshop for your founders and key stakeholders / teams



How to manage notifications and unlock your time?

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How to manage notifications and unlock your time?

The ‘feed’ and the ‘notification’ are the two biggest time drainers of our times.

While the power still remains in your hand to not scroll the feed endlessly or keep looking at the notifications, many of us still give in.

So how do you fight back and gain control of your time?

  • The most important action here is to have work scheduled on your daily calendar
  • The second most important action is to schedule all calls and meetings. As a discipline, do not take up calls that are not scheduled, unless they are urgent
  • The third most important action is to announce on social media, that you will be checking your social media only for 10 minutes each thrice during the day, so if there is important business, people can reach out to you via Email
  • For all open-calls schedule 30 minutes after your productive work hours

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