How do productive founders get over the frustrations of low days faster and prevent burnout?

How do productive founders get over the frustrations of low days faster and prevent burnout?

Almost every founder goes through these days that are a mix of highs and lows. There of-course are exceptions when the lows overpower and negativity takes over. These are the times when you have to have a ‘process’ that you follow to get your mojo back.

Un-cloud yourself.

When you are in such a zone, your brain gets clouded with more thoughts that seem related. So first tell yourself that this is normal. In such a situation random thoughts will take shape. As you do that, your brain will stop creating such thoughts and you will calm down.

The process?

If you are in the zone of negative emotions that overpower your decision making, and clarity, follow the below process:

  • #0: Remember, right now, it is about you and your time. Stop every thought that makes you think – what will the world think? Nobody cares. Period. So stop pretending and move on with your journey.
  • #1: STOP, PLUG-OUT – stop work. Yes. Put an Email auto-responder that you will be away for at least 6 hours. Put the phone away from you. The world won’t end.
  • #2: Create a “you zone” (away from people you know). Plug in the best music that you like, book a cab (not even your driver), go to an open space. A large park OR an open terrace.
  • #3: Consciously shut every thought of work that seeps in.
  • #4: Go to a quiet space and on a clean sheet of paper note down your current state in the following template:

Column 1:

  • Why am I feeling low?

Please make your answer as real and as short as possible. You are not supposed to justify to yourself. You have to win over your brain and that will happen when you answer back and not justify.

Column 2:

  • What is the best case / what is it that you want to achieve / make happen that will turn around the situation?

Again, keep your answer short and very crisp. You have to answer your brain with structure and force and NOT justify to your situation.

Column 3:

  • Do I know anybody that can help me plug the gap, make the introductions, move on?

Can my plug-out be longer?

You can choose to go on a quick holiday. It all depends upon your specific situation and how deep are you in daily operations.

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About the author:
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