Have you set your plans for revenue maximisation in 2019?

Have you set your plans for revenue maximisation in 2019?

Revenue maximisation is critical for every business. Whether you are a startup, an SME or a large enterprise, it is important to have a clear strategy for revenue maximisation.

So how do you ready your business for revenue maximisation?

From a 30,000 feet level, below are the fundamentals that you must be prepared for:

  1. Discipline : consistent people training and a follow-up process is required to be set-up
  2. Time : you must unlock time. Especially the time of key customer facing / growth stakeholders must be unlocked from daily operations.
  3. Understand your top customer : it is critical to understand your top customer and create more value for them.
  4. Deep innovation / more value design : you must work closely with your top customers and create deeper value for them.
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions : if you are a large firm, dedicate time on thinking at least 5 years in the future. Acquire smaller and nimble teams to add exponential value to your system.

What are the execution level details, how do we begin this practise?

  1. Train for time and efficiency : The most important pillar for the above is ‘time’. If the CXO’s, founders or the teams are not optimally using time, everything else will slow down and you will never reach the goals ‘in time’.
  2. Implement ‘governance and compliance’ for your growth teams : ensure that your growth teams (marketing, pre-sales, sales) are working in a system that they has compliance in-built.

If the above two fundamentals are implemented strongly, within two quarters you see change happening within the company and more value being created for customers.

About the author:
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