How do you get $100 million tech conference to your city? Ask Drake and Toronto

How do you get $100 million tech conference to your city? Ask Drake and Toronto

The city of Toronto is incredible. Its a cultural mix of people from across the world. It has the right mix of most elements that make a global city in the ever changing times today.

But the city of Toronto has one more thing to it, a phenomenon called, DRAKE. Who is DRAKE?

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor and entrepreneur. His co-sign to the city of Toronto is also worth 5% of Toronto’s economy. That makes him about $440 Million in worth to the city of Toronto. He is a sensation. Period.

Drake by no means is a full time philanthropist, but he has almost single handedly become an economic and brand positioning booster for Toronto around the world.

About the $100 Million and the tech conference

Ask Michael Thompson, Councillor Ward no 37, Scarborough Center. In a recent interview to Vice he mentioned about how he pitched to a tech conference to choose Toronto as their venue for 3 years. This will bring $147 million in revenue to the city of Toronto. The deal clincher was DRAKE!

Lesson in revenue maximisation for businesses from Drake and Toronto

  • Unlock your founders / key executives time and let them build more people to people relationships
  • Give back to the community – whatever size of business that you are, in small ways give back to your immediate community – this will spread and do a lot more good
  • Re-think – your existing services and solutions and position them for your most valuable customers

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