Vision, Trust, Clarity, Metrics are the foundations of successful investor relations

Whether you are an entrepreneur that has raised venture capital or a creator that has raised money via crowd-funding or a public company, investor relations are important.

Following are the 4 foundations of successful investor relations:

  1. Vision
  2. Trust
  3. Clarity
  4. Metrics

An investor is somebody who is trusting the founder(s) to spend his/ her money a lot better and create much bigger value. The value will translate into wealth creation if the investor – investee relation creates positive breakthroughs.

Investor relations begin a lot before you get the money in the bank

For founders it is important to understand that investor relations begin much before you get the money in the bank. It is a ‘relation’ that is akin to getting married. There are times when you get frustrated, when you do not like each other’s views and you fight, but you have to let the principles / foundation drive you.

Design your investor relations communication with the above principles. You will create more powerful and valuable relationships.