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Instead of chasing investors with Bplans, build meaningful relationships with them

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Instead of chasing investors with Bplans, build meaningful relationships with them

As a firm we have been engaged by a US based social media-app company with headquarters in India and Nepal. For a little over 1.2 years we have been managing relations with the 4000+ investors that have placed their trust and money in the company. 

So, what is required for successful fund raising?

  • Build meaningful and deep relationships with your potential / to-be investors

Do not chase investors with random business plans. They get them in truck loads and most of them either drop out or find the eye of an associate who has this truck loads to sort.

  • Invest at least 4 months to build this relationship: share important signals with the investors/ their fund associates (with your investor relations 3 pager)

If you are a founder with successful past exits, please do not invest your time on this post. But if you are a founder raising money for the first time OR someone raising pre-series A or series A, be prepared that it will take at least 3-6 months. Relationships, especially of money do not get established in a jiffy. At least the successful one’s.

  • Gain the respect of the investor, more than the money

The day you gain the invest of the investor. Even if he/ she is not directly going to write you a cheque, you will get trusted recommendations that will get you closer to your goal.

There is a clear method to all this madness of fund-raising. We invite you to engage our investor relations advisors to go through this journey together.

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