How we engaged 4000+ investors for a US based social media app for the next billion

In 2018 we were hired to design and execute an investor relations plus fund raising campaign for a US based social media app. This app is aimed at the next billion users in emerging countries. This was a crowdfunding campaign. The company had previously raised money successfully via crowdfunding in the US.

The campaign, the approach and the results

  • Campaign name: Rise and Shine
  • Approach:
    • Research + Strategy: Define investor categories
    • Media + Content: Design a property to publicly thank investors, meaningfully get to know them and make them part of the team
    • Technology: LIVE videos, webinars and a platform that was designed to engage the investor community
  • Results: a successful multi-million dollar fund raise + large brand visibility

But we achieved something far greater which we did not foresee first

We won TRUST. 100% of these investors were individuals and what we collectively achieved was their trust.

TRUST leads to referrals and loyalty

This is exactly what founders need to understand. You must establish trust. You need to meaningfully know your investors and make them part of the growth.