Growth stage founders – this is the biggest fight you have to win in 2019

Growth stage founders – this is the biggest fight you have to win in 2019

2019 is going to be the year of SPEED.

We are calling it the year of speed because technology has already transformed the work we do and the way we do our work. SPEED is going to be the key element that will create unfair advantages especially for growth stage companies.

Speed will matter especially across key growth functions – pre-sales, marketing, support

Our experience working with founders and CXO’s of growth stage companies has revealed an important insight. As the founders invest time in creating structured processes to increase speed across key growth functions, the overall organisational growth increases. It also elevates the overall organisational culture.

The 10 steps to create a culture of speed: 

  1. Kill the comfort zones –¬†Implement technology to track actual execution by your team (GRC)
  2. Re-inforce speed as a culture with a 2 hour training every month
  3. Schedule structured time in your calendar to spot trends
  4. Weed out the bureaucracy + get other fast people on your side
  5. Get to market faster (prepare to learn fast and execute)
  6. Stay under the radar¬† – you don’t have to PR announce / launch everything
  7. Outsource customer support (we recommend DialDesk)
  8. Be ruthless with resources – a lot more can be done with less
  9. Put the “3” key metrics on the dashboard – nothing else for 6 months
  10. Stay very very close to the customer – involve them as often as possible