The biggest battle that Indian growth stage businesses need to win right now

The biggest battle that Indian growth stage businesses need to win right now

The world is looking upon India as the next big economic growth opportunity. India, China and other parts of Asia are well positioned to grow. But they all face a major challenge – skills training and productivity.

The greatest war for Indian growth stage businesses

For Indian growth stage businesses, the greatest battle to win is of people productivity. Most founders of growth stage companies, especially the one’s that are growing with their own money, they expect more productivity from their people.

Productivity breakdown

  1. Increase in speed of execution (from strategy to actual action)
  2. Increase in overall efficiency (people to be more aware of their time and goals)
  3. Increase in adoption of technology (people to use more tools)

Indian growth stage companies choosing productive consultants than full-timers?

A rising trend across new age growth stage companies is to design special projects with defined timelines and clear goals to achieve. India Inc. is increasingly hiring ultra productive and experienced advisors / consultants to get on the fast track. Such a structure creates a win-win for everyone involved.

The strategy for Indian growth stage founders to grow with sustainability and speed?

  1. Deeply define growth projects with clear processes set to measure execution and goals achievement
  2. Hire experienced advisors / consultants for the first 6-12 months of the project to ensure a clear direction for the project backed with execution
  3. If you already have a team, align the advisor the goal to increase the overall productivity of the team ; if not, let the advisors own the process and the goal, fail fast and build the system for you that will scale as you hire people
  4. Beyond this period build an execution team that follows the set processes and delivers to the responsibilities