Why optimising Uber’s wait time matter to one of the youngest billionaire entrepreneur?

Bhavin Turakhia is One of the world’s youngest and amongst the fewest self made billionaire entrepreneurs. For the most he wouldn’t need an introduction. For the one’s who do, please Google / Linkedin.

Read this post from his Linkedin profile:

Exiting from Heathrow airport, he has optimising his Uber’s wait time on his mind!

This is a clear indication of two foundations of entrepreneurial success.

  1. SPEED

We are excited about Bhavin’s update because we recently blogged about SPEED and PRODUCTIVITY being the most important elements for business success.

SPEED and PRODUCTIVITY transformed our customers in 2018

The growth stage companies that we worked with in 2018 are seeing transformational change since they started focusing on people training, speed in execution, setting entrepreneurial productivity and sharp focus on mapping goals to people input.