Steve Jobs explained why operational productivity is the key to business growth

Steve Jobs explained why operational productivity is the key to business growth

In a 1992 talk at MIT, Steve Jobs spoke on a variety of topics. One of the most important was why operational productivity matters for business growth than management productivity.

From Apple to NeXT. From management to operational productivity!

Steve shared the fantastic example of the thinking philosophy that the Macintosh team had at Apple. He then related it to the problem that NeXT was solving. He focused more on the value of building software that solves operational challenges and brings more productivity and efficiency.

Operational productivity is what growth stage founders must optimise

For growth stage founders the critical war to win is to increase operational productivity. If the people responsible for delivery and growth are under productive it directly impacts founders time leverage and hence organisational efficiency, costs and success.

How to build operational productivity?

  1. Software / tools
    1. Improve online collaboration and communication
    2. Time tracking for tasks – are people spending more time than they normally should in defined tasks?
    3. Improve customer interaction – tools that automate customer interaction (eg: chat bots) and others that lead to quick answers to queries/ questions
    4. Improve reporting – define the metrics to track and use dash-boarding tools
  2. Training
    1. No technology can create positive change if the people using it are not aligned to the larger goal and inspired to increase operational productivity

Steve Job’s talk at MIT