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Is your business growth strategy ‘at’ or ‘with’ your customers?

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Is your business growth strategy ‘at’ or ‘with’ your customers?

We need more sales, more growth – how can you help?

We have increased our sales targets. We have to grow faster. We know our sales funnels. We have also experimented with more funnels last year. But what else can we do – that is what we have hired you for. We know you can’t sell for us, but what is it that we ought to know?

Is your business growth strategy at or with your customers?

Small and medium businesses that engage us to create programs to engage their customers, they all mostly miss a very important point. In their aggression for more growth, they start marketing ‘at’ their customers. They start doing more to attract the attention of a much larger set of their customers.

How do you design engagement programs that your customers willingly join?

Categorise your customers into micro-tribes that have common interests. Example, if you are a taxation and law firm, your customers are CFO’s in large companies, CEOs and Founders in emerging companies and Founders mostly in startups.

Each one of these customers are at a certain journey in their life professionally and personally.

Ask yourself : what will be of interest to these micro-tribes that they willingly will join and share?

Once you have the interest areas (professional and personal) mapped for these micro-tribes take the following 2 steps:

  1. Figure out how your services / solutions / products can add to their growth?
  2. Invite them to help you build a better service / solution / product.

Now invite them to help you build a better solution

Ask your customers if they would like to be part of the micro-tribe of similar people that are helping to build a better solution. Give them the authority and share with them the rewards.

Engage our advisors to design communities of customers that grow your business.