Are you and your business bankable?

Are you and your business bankable?

What about a leader makes him/ her bankable?

It is important for every business owner and their business to be bankable.

  1. As a business owner it is about your integrity
  2. Vision
  3. The ability to execute
  4. The ability to attract and hire phenomenal talent
  5. The ability to remain humble and stay focused on the opportunity ahead and still think big
  6. The ability to learn faster and understand signals in the rapidly changing world
  7. The ability to gain respect and trust from customers, investors and employees
  8. The ability to move on faster and not be stuck to failed ideas / projects

What about the business makes is bankable?

  1. Are your compliances in order?
  2. Are the business growth metrics tracked well?
  3. Are the growth margins and revenue better than the competitors who are not seeing future signals?
  4. Has the business created assets (intellectual property, solid assets, key knowledge that can be monetised for a long time and more)?
  5. Is the business investing in technology and automation to reduce overall cost of operations, acquire and retain customers?
  6. Does the business have a pipeline of potential customers?
  7. Has the business taken loan and at what percentage?
  8. Is the business able to smartly manage taxes and grow internationally by setting up special purpose entities?
  9. Is the overall perception about your business positive across the customers that you serve?
  10. Will the business remain relevant in the fast changing environment with technology disrupting most models?