This is for founders with $0.8 million to $3 million revenue and raring to grow

This is for founders with $0.8 million to $3 million revenue and raring to grow

Dear Founders,

You have worked extremely hard to reach the current growth levels. A lot of you would have reached this milestone while being bootstrapped.

You have some unique abilities today:

  1. You deeply value money and its value
  2. You can quickly assess people on several commitment and integrity parameters
  3. You have a strong sense of what has worked for you and what you must invest in

You also have important growth challenges

  1. You want inbound leads to increase rather than spending on push marketing.
  2. You want to build a brand that your customers trust.
  3. You want to have lesser items on your desk. You want your people to transform from employees to being owners.
  4. You want to build a meaningful network of well connected like minded founders, investors and others seeking growth.
  5. You want to raise external capital – debt, equity and in other forms.
  6. You are thinking about registering your company in Singapore, Delaware, Estonia to save taxes and grow business.

What investments at this stage will lead to growth in the next 18 months?

  1. Invest in being part of a very small, highly active network of extremely like minded business owners / founders. This network will attract future investors and partners.
  2. Invest to create more opportunities for your customers. Invite them to speak at events curated by you.
  3. Invest in company wide implementation of governance, risk and compliance software.
  4. Outsource your customer support to grow faster.

The most important element of this growth shift is hiring the owner that makes the above happen while reporting to the CEO/ founder

To ensure that above happens, the most important thing is to ensure that you delegate the above ownership to somebody within your organisation OR you hire a committed external advisor for 12 months.

Ensure that your chosen hire is entrepreneurial by DNA and attitude, believes in execution and has the maturity to take calls and drive across your team to execute without any niceties or bureaucracy.