How will your customers believe in and spread your narrative?

How will your customers believe in and spread your narrative?

How many times in life have you been thrilled and excited about a faceless corporation? This is exactly how your customers feel. They are as human.

So who becomes the face? The founder by default?

The greatest narrative about a company is to be created by its customers. The founder seeds the narrative with his vision, positive energy, the determination to make customer’s lives better, change the world and more.

There are 2 narratives for any business

  1. The customer
  2. The founder

Can you influence your customer’s narrative with grand paid marketing?

NO. The customer has enough information access and more trustworthy word of mouth from friends to make a decision. A decision then forms judgement. Paid marketing has a diminishing impact on customers. A short term goal gets achieved, but overtime the customer just gets the plot. And if then you lose reputation, you lose it.

So how do you build a narrative that actually spreads?

Invite your customers over events. Treat them to opportunities that are valuable for them. Let your business become the source of creation of those opportunities. Your event could be a closed room coffee to a dinner, a large summit or a mid-size gathering. Make it meaningful.

Engage Time and Growth Advisors to design the narrative that your customers spread.


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