SaaS founders, close more deals in 2019 with an event every quarter

SaaS founders, close more deals in 2019 with an event every quarter


The most successful SaaS companies designed their own event series to meaningfully engage their customers, grow recall and hence sales.

They had their agenda drawn right at the beginning of the year and went to create hyper growth literally by inviting other business owners.

In 2019 to create incredible growth, design your own event series. Host one power packed, high valuable and deeply meaningful event every quarter. Curate every event extremely passionately.

Remember, start with your customer, end with your customer. Do not make it a since we paid for it, you must take our sales pitch.

Detailed read

In 2018, all of our customers saw an incredible growth in sales with the custom events that they hosted for their customers and partners.

The founders also said that they were able to position their brand a lot more meaningfully with the customers in an offline mode.

The most successful format that worked

Short format events worked the best. About 50 – 70 relevant people in a closed hall environment, designed to achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Make it easy for people to meaningfully network
  2. Make it easy for people to take back key insights and signals from speakers
  3. Ensure more quality time between speakers and attendees

Senior business dev executives from SaaS companies presented at every event

We saw senior sales executives from growth stage and large SaaS companies present at almost every event. One of the fastest growing SaaS companies in India had their senior sales team scout for large enterprise business at these events.

How to design and execute your own event series in 2019?

  1. Start with the customer, end with the customer
  2. Your customers must gain extreme value (knowledge + networks)
  3. Design such that people can share more, do not create a one shot wonder
  4. Create a one-event-per-quarter calendar
  5. CURATE every event extremely passionately