How can you break the employee mindset in your company?

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How can you break the employee mindset in your company?


The most successful businesses on the planet are run by incredibly inspiring business leaders. These leaders understand the investment made in putting a system that spreads inspiration in a structured manner through customers, employees, partners, vendors and absolutely anybody that is part of the ecosystem that makes your business.

For you to be a great business leader, you must be somebody that can inspire people to go beyond their comfort zones.

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Business owners / leaders often talk about the employee mindset. It refers to the attitude that does not work too well for growing businesses. It refers to the 9-5 mindset where the person feels that he/ she has delivered for the time that they are paid for.

Business owners want to kill the employee mindset, but they fail miserably

Most business owners fail miserably at killing the employee mindset simply because they do not invest enough into the 2 important foundations that can make it happen.

  1. Inspire your people
  2. Create a system to spread inspiration

Inspiration transforms companies from good to great

To inspire your people – communicate. Communicate with sheer passion, honesty and an insane level of positive energy. Communicate when you are making progress and communicate when you are not.

Emails and whatsapp groups are not the most personal way to communicate. They can spread, but they cannot inspire.

Communicate with videos. Create powerful messages that inspire your people everyday. Inspiration cannot be a one off activity. You make it a habit. You do it everyday.

How can you create a system of inspiration in your company?

  1. Step I: Post a short video that inspires people to create breakthroughs everyday.
  2. Step II: Whatever internal communication tool that you use (Slack, flock, whatsapp), create a hashtag #breakthrough ; let people post their greatest breakthrough for the week (it can be anyday)
  3. Step III: Now you have setup a system. A lot of people will initially feel shy. They will feel that their breakthroughs are not important enough. But this is where you step in as a leader and help them create a breakthrough.
  4. Step IV: This system within a span of 9 – 12 months will transform your business.

How can leaders learn to communicate to inspire?

Inspiring communication is an art. The good part is that you can learn it. Engage a communications coach that helps you gain depth, meaning, patience and perspective in your communication.

But why do you need to learn how to communicate from an expert / coach?

The best answer to this question comes from people in sports. Do you really know that you have the capability to represent your country in the Olympics? May be. But it is your coach that makes it happen for you. They hone your skills and get you ready.