About Me

Paritosh advises ambitious people on building public perception that wins.

Paritosh Sharma is the founder of the Sava100Crore MEDIA. His life’s purpose is to grow business for 1 million SMEs and hence transform 100 million lives in the process.

Paritosh helps SMEs communicate their message that makes their customers fall in love with them.

Paritosh believes in the power of people driven storytelling. He says that the power of people driven messaging has been well understood by the world’s top business leaders eg: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Narendra Modi, Swami Ramdev, Barack Obama, Gary Vaynerchuk and more.

Professional Experience

  • 10+ years in helping emerging businesses and business owners communicate their greatest stories

Greatest Strength / Expertise

  • Help entrepreneurs gain clarity on what to communicate to inspire the world to engage with them