Inspirational Leadership

This program is the most valuable investment that a leader can make for his/ her business.

The program is designed to transform a leader into an inspiring communicator. Over 6 months the leader transforms into an inspirational leader and creates the next layer of inspired leadership in the company.

The ‘inspirational leadership‘ program is divided in 2 stages:

Stage I: Master the art of communication that inspires

Stage II: Create a system of spreading inspiration in your company

Time investment/ commitment
(31 hours)

Stage I: Requires a total investment of 28 hours

Stage II: Requires a total investment of 3 hours

What will you achieve from the program?
(Communicate in 60 seconds, what others take 5 minutes for)

I: You will gain 100% clarity on ‘what’ should you tell the world about yourself and your business?

II: You will be ready with a powerful narrative about yourself and your business. This narrative will hold true for the next 12 months at least.

III: You will create a series of 10 videos that will establish a strong and clear recall about you and your work for the world to transact with you

How to sign up for the program?

  1. Schedule a 10 minute call with a program leader
  2. Pay the program fee
  3. Your Inspirational Leadership Program begins

Program flow / How will your transformation happen?

  1. A 60 minute call will be scheduled with Paritosh Sharma (program designer) to understand your business, the growth till date and what challenges are you facing in your business growth? (1 hour)
  2. A calendar will be shared with you on how you will spend 25 hours over the next 6 months at the program
  3. You will be given a set of questions to answer. This is a critical step. This is what will lead to the design of the powerful and meaningful narrative that you would like the world to remember you with. This is the creation of your legacy on the Internet (2 hours)
  4. You will receive the first set of videos that will give you a step by step guide to begin your transformation (2 hours)
  5. You will now begin to do the exact communication activities that your program leader will assign to you. You will shoot and share the first 5 videos (based upon your decided narrative) with your program leader (15 hours)
  6. 60 minutes Call #2 with the program leader to assess your progress and discuss challenges (1 hour)
  7. You will now begin to create the set of next 5 videos as directed by your program leader (post call #2) (8 hours)
  8. You will receive the ‘inspired leadership’ vocabulary podcast that will deeply ingrain within you the art of choosing the right words and expressions (1 hour)
  9. 60 minutes Call #3 with the program leader to assess your progress and discuss challenges (1 hour)

Program fee

Format / Trial: 45 minute call with a program leader to understand where you are stuck, 1 activity to be done by the participant (designed by the program leader), 30 minute call with the program leader to assess the gaps and execute further : INR 12,500 + GST

Format I: One day session hosted privately by a company for employees, customers : INR 65,000 + GST

Format II: 31 hours program with assigned program leader :
INR 1,25,000 + GST (1 person)
INR 90,000 + GST (2 – 4 people team)
INR 75,000 + GST (5 – 10 people team)

*Includes the bonus of getting introduced with all the business leaders that are either alumni of the program OR have signed up.

Format III: One-on-One Private leadership program for business owners, leaders : INR 3,00,000 + GST

Sign up for the program

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