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Is your business growth strategy ‘at’ or ‘with’ your customers?

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Is your business growth strategy ‘at’ or ‘with’ your customers?

We need more sales, more growth – how can you help?

We have increased our sales targets. We have to grow faster. We know our sales funnels. We have also experimented with more funnels last year. But what else can we do – that is what we have hired you for. We know you can’t sell for us, but what is it that we ought to know?

Is your business growth strategy at or with your customers?

Small and medium businesses that engage us to create programs to engage their customers, they all mostly miss a very important point. In their aggression for more growth, they start marketing ‘at’ their customers. They start doing more to attract the attention of a much larger set of their customers.

How do you design engagement programs that your customers willingly join?

Categorise your customers into micro-tribes that have common interests. Example, if you are a taxation and law firm, your customers are CFO’s in large companies, CEOs and Founders in emerging companies and Founders mostly in startups.

Each one of these customers are at a certain journey in their life professionally and personally.

Ask yourself : what will be of interest to these micro-tribes that they willingly will join and share?

Once you have the interest areas (professional and personal) mapped for these micro-tribes take the following 2 steps:

  1. Figure out how your services / solutions / products can add to their growth?
  2. Invite them to help you build a better service / solution / product.

Now invite them to help you build a better solution

Ask your customers if they would like to be part of the micro-tribe of similar people that are helping to build a better solution. Give them the authority and share with them the rewards.

Engage our advisors to design communities of customers that grow your business.
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How can you create a system of revenue maximisation in your company?

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How can you create a system of revenue maximisation in your company?

Revenue maximisation is amongst the top priorities for any founder / CXO / business leader.

Revenue maximisation can occur largely in two ways:

  1. Either you invest in acquiring new customers
  2. You invest in innovation / creating more value for your customers from your existing services

The second part is tough

This is when you challenge your existing services, ideas, solutions. You challenge your teams and you push and inspire your customers to get more feedback on how to be more valuable for them. Sometimes this feedback could be tough to feed in.

How can you create a system of revenue maximisation in your company?

Revenue maximisation is not a one time trick. It has to be a system that is set in place consistently. The steps that most successful organisations take are:

  1. Figure out your most valuable services, products, solutions
  2. Figure out your most valuable customers
  3. See what value have you created with your existing services and customers

Step #4 is the most important in the chain. This is when you host the revenue maximisation workshops with your customers. This is a highly curated workshop that you host to understand how could you be more valuable for your exact customers. (who is your customer in your customers business)?

The day you get this system in place, your business will be a lot more valuable for your customers and their customers further.

About the author:
Time and Growth Advisors helps companies maximise revenue with training people, introducing technology and initiate customer involving initiatives. 

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How Can Small Businesses Get Their Idea To Spread Without Big Marketing?

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How Can Small Businesses Get Their Idea To Spread Without Big Marketing?

Dear Small business owner, what you are wanting to spread is an idea. Marketing is not the answer you seek.

In the world of networks today your growth is all about how deeply can you make people believe in your idea and invite/ inspire them to spread it for you. This is especially true for small businesses.

This post captures the 2 (two) most important learnings while working with small business owners to spread their ideas:

  • #1: Build a strong narrative. (Narrative is not marketing)

The narrative about your small business is not marketing. The narrative is your belief in the value that you are creating and the perception of that value in your customer’s belief.

Remember, narratives take time and effort to build. They are possibly the most important investment you make in your brand. Once your customer believes in the value the same way that you do, you will not have to worry about churn/ business loss due to smaller/ trivial factors.

The most important factor about a narrative is consistency of message and design.

  • #2: How many times by design do you speak with your customers? (Increase frequency)

The most important metric going forward will be ‘number of conversations’ that lead to ‘sales’. Everything around you is a conversation. Whatsapp, Linkedin, facebook, YouTube, twitter are all conversations.

The fundamental of being human is being able to converse. Small businesses fall into the trap of big budget paid marketing. That’s marketing, not a conversation. Conversations have the advantage of getting the human sub-conscious to come forth a lot more often.

Double your sales in 2018. Go big.

About the author: Paritosh is the CEO, UNCV. The UNCV Small and Emerging Business Hub helps SME owners answer their most challenging questions and introduce them with people for business growth.