How do we unlock time?

In a growth stage business, founders have a lot to focus on:

  • New customer acquisition / open new markets
  • Creating more deeper value for existing customers / innovation
  • Improve people efficiency / culture
  • Use technology to scale operations

Most founders find that a lot of decision making gets stuck at their end. This forces them to spend time on things that otherwise must only use their least attention.

We work with founders / CXO’s to achieve the following:

  • Step 1: Assess the founders current calendar and see activities that are missing in the calendar – to approach an optimal utilisation of time
  • Step 2: We train the teams that report into the founders to make them more aware of time and their productivity – here we implement the GRC Stack (software) to understand what is sub-optimal usage of employees current time.
  • Step 3: We make introductions with founders/ potential customers / partners globally – this ensures relevant networking for my customers

My team and I work with our customer’s teams every month to ensure compliance of calendar and goal tracking.

We undertake a training with the key people in the organisation every quarter to ensure people do not go back to the usual way of comfortable work that has been proven sub-optimal over years.