How do we attract customers & investors for your business?

In the hyperconnected digital world, business growth = knowledge + relevant networks + meaningful engagements (that create value for your customers)

Knowledge (insight + signals) establishes authority and trust. Access to a relevant network ensures that you engage the people who care.

Overall execution methodology / framework:

  1. We design knowledge (insights + signals) that is valuable for your customers and investors (B2B content produced by experienced professionals)
  2. We design meaningful engagements (physical + online events) that create value for our customer’s customer
  3. We introduce our customers to networks that are relevant for their business growth

How does our work increase inbound interest from your customers?

  • Sub-module 1: In-bound marketing: Build a powerful company-level brand initiative that uses content and storytelling to make your customers truly believe in your mission and engage with your business more meaningfully
  • Sub-module 2: Personality building: Build a strong ‘founder’s narrative’ campaign. We design content (video, blogs, podcasts) for the founder. Our narrative establishes deep trust amongst the founder and the world around
  • Sub-module 3: Knowledge center: We design a knowledge center that becomes the most powerful tool for your sales teams. It also becomes the go-to place for your customers to engage with your products, solutions, ideas
  • Sub-module 4: Sales training: We train your sales and growth teams to unlock their time and achieve high growth

How does our work increase inbound investor interest in your business?

We work with customers where we truly believe in the product / solution, the vision and the capability to execute. Basis our assessment, we create a systemic process of upto 6 months wherein we help founders establish trusted relationships with investors

  • Sub-module 1:¬†Investor relation narrative: we design a powerful narrative that shares the most relevant signals with the most relevant investors.
  • Sub-module 2: Introduction to founders: we introduce our customers with successful founders that believe in our approach and make further relevant introductions with investors / founders.
  • Sub-module 3: Due-diligence: we have partnered with a global taxation and law firm (Taxmantra) to carry out due-diligence for companies that are raising money.

How can you test our service delivery and be sure before starting a long term relationship?

Based upon your top business challenge, you choose a sub-module. We engage for 60 days. What we deliver in 60days will showcase our speed and commitment. It will also establish a stronger working relationship amongst us. 

This way we reduce your overall risk and decide if we would like to commit to each other’s win.

Why engage us?

  1. We are founders and hence we work with as much speed and efficiency as you’d expect
  2. We hate comfort zone, as our customers do
  3. We save your money. Each of the above modules can either be subscribed to individually to solve specific problems OR you can engage us to go through the entire acceleration program

How to get started?

  1. Write to us:
  2. Whatsapp: +91-999-987-3721