Why should every business leader begin a Masterclass on video?

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Why should every business leader begin a Masterclass on video?

The most powerful form of engagement on the Internet in 2018 has been videos and the format being inspiration. The world’s most engaging search engine – YouTube has an insane traction on inspirational and motivational content.

This is NOT A TREND. This is the true manifestation of what people around the world are experiencing and what possible solutions are they engaging with.

Knowledge is the first step in creating trust. Deep insight seals the bond.

Consumers / customers today have access to all kinds of information on their mobile devices. On one hand decision making has become a lot simpler, though on the other hand it has all become too complex because of all kinds of noise.

Business leaders must begin a #MASTERCLASS on video (share knowledge + deep insight)

For business leaders today the greatest advantage is to be able to communicate with the world via videos. This is an unprecedented opportunity to share knowledge and deep insights.

Remember, that YouTube, Linkedin and other distribution platforms will ensure that your #MASTERCLASS gets discovered by a relevant and large set of audience.

How should a #MASTERCLASS on video be like?

Create a structure that works for you. I always suggest my customers to spend 6-8 hours every month in creating at least 4 – 6 videos that are highly curated. If 1 video is posted every week, you have at least 1 month of content ready with you.

How is the above structure of benefit for growth stage businesses / business owners?

The leverage is exponential. Here is the mathematics:

  • What you invest in time: 8 hours
  • What you get in return:
    • 4 highly crafted videos
    • These videos when spread over Linkedin, YouTube, Whatsapp create exponential leverage for your sales and marketing teams to open all kinds of conversations
    • + You are speaking with the world around, even when you are sleeping, because the videos make it happen for you

This is why you must begin a #MASTERCLASS soon!


Important Lessons From Anand Mahindra’s Public Narrative

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Important Lessons From Anand Mahindra’s Public Narrative

Anand Mahindra inspires. He is the perfect example of the most phenomenal transformation in the history of the modern world. The transformation called : India.

If you aren’t humble, whatever empathy you claim is false and probably results from some arrogance or the desire to control. But true empathy is rooted in humility and the understanding that there are many people with as much to contribute in life as you”

  • His narrative establishes him as a leader with global ambitions. He is calm, strong willed and firmly grounded.
  • He communicates clarity of vision and quick decision making.
  • He speaks often about design, technology, creativity and human capability.

The above 3 pointers are powerful for any leader to craft a public narrative that inspires the world around them.

Masterclass With PS/Small Business/SME

How Can Small Businesses Get Their Idea To Spread Without Big Marketing?

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How Can Small Businesses Get Their Idea To Spread Without Big Marketing?

Dear Small business owner, what you are wanting to spread is an idea. Marketing is not the answer you seek.

In the world of networks today your growth is all about how deeply can you make people believe in your idea and invite/ inspire them to spread it for you. This is especially true for small businesses.

This post captures the 2 (two) most important learnings while working with small business owners to spread their ideas:

  • #1: Build a strong narrative. (Narrative is not marketing)

The narrative about your small business is not marketing. The narrative is your belief in the value that you are creating and the perception of that value in your customer’s belief.

Remember, narratives take time and effort to build. They are possibly the most important investment you make in your brand. Once your customer believes in the value the same way that you do, you will not have to worry about churn/ business loss due to smaller/ trivial factors.

The most important factor about a narrative is consistency of message and design.

  • #2: How many times by design do you speak with your customers? (Increase frequency)

The most important metric going forward will be ‘number of conversations’ that lead to ‘sales’. Everything around you is a conversation. Whatsapp, Linkedin, facebook, YouTube, twitter are all conversations.

The fundamental of being human is being able to converse. Small businesses fall into the trap of big budget paid marketing. That’s marketing, not a conversation. Conversations have the advantage of getting the human sub-conscious to come forth a lot more often.

Double your sales in 2018. Go big.

About the author: Paritosh is the CEO, UNCV. The UNCV Small and Emerging Business Hub helps SME owners answer their most challenging questions and introduce them with people for business growth.


How Will You 2X Your Sales In 2018?

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How Will You 2X Your Sales In 2018?

Are you ready to grow sales in 2018? Several SMEs sure are!

In 2017 I took a conscious decision to work closely with SME owners and their teams. For emerging business owners the stakes are high. With high stakes comes huge responsibility to choose only the ‘must-haves’ and deliver results.

So how can SMEs 2X their sales in 2018?

The three winning must-have’s are the following:

  1. Get more meetings and drive business
  2. Create processes that increase customer engagement and inspire existing customers to refer more business
  3. A powerful narrative about your business led by the founder/ CEO/ top management

So how do you get more meetings?

The answer to the question above is ‘business networking’. In 2017 I worked with several SME owners and their teams to ensure that everyone in the team plays the role of an ‘opportunity creator’. These ‘opportunities’ are then filtered by the Sales teams to drive business.

The first step in opportunity creation is ‘Linkedin’. My company UNCV has trained hundreds of employees and business leaders on how to spread your businesses’ influence and build your personal authority.

Several business leaders today entrust UNCV to manage their Linkedin profiles and amplify their influence and authority.

How do you automate customer engagement and generate more referrals?

The answer to the question above is deep understanding of the customer. Why does the customer care for your service/ product? And how can you leverage tools like Chat applications, Email automation, CRM and Social media to engage customers.

I found that most SME owners do not know their customers as personally as they ideally must. This personal connection/ understanding is an unfair advantage that an emerging company can establish as a method in the company.

Thankfully most SME owners that I have worked with are eager and willing to invest in processes and technology to solve these critical business problems.

How do you create a narrative that’s understood by your customers?

The answer to this question is this blog post by Andy Raskin . I strongly suggest my customers to read this post every 2 weeks and remind themselves of the narrative.

Infact when we manage the Linkedin profiles of SME owners, the most important value that gets created is the narrative that creates a major perceptive shift in potential customer networks.

I wish you 2X sales in 2018. Go big.


Trust Before We Transact – The India Bridge

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Trust Before We Transact – The India Bridge

Trust is the fundamental that sustains and grows business in India.

Trust Before We Transact

The Indian business ecosystem is driven by relationships. We transact a lot more basis the ‘comfort’ that we enjoy in our relationships. The fine layer of trust that exists in our business fabric is what drives growth.


Trust comes in several formats.

  • If you are a global technology giant like Google, facebook, YouTube, people would adopt to your service simply because the larger number of people they know around them are using this service. Remember, its because of the “people around them”.

Of-course there’s all the talk of single-user-utility, India works on trust. I say this with 100% confidence in my understanding of India.

  • In my second startup, I raised the first INR 5lacs (approx $8000) from a gentleman who possibly knew its not going to work, but he invested in me. He placed his trust and hence his money on me (Paritosh).
  • Most early stage angel investment in India happens of-course on business logic, but a lot more on the trust in people driving the vision and execution.
  • I know of a senior executive who recently took over a companies operations (that was shutting down). The first money that he raised to make it possible was simply basis the trust he enjoys with the people who have seen him over the years.

Thousands and possibly millions of such small and interesting stories exist in our society.

Build Trust and How?

The first thing that you must do as a business in India is to invest in building this layer of trust with hires, partners and customers. This one investment done right will go a long way in your business success in India.

Trust is people. Hire people basis the trust they enjoy in their respective communities. On-board partners that enjoy a similar trust in the business circles.

  • #1: Make trust as the fundamental factor for how you transact in India.
  • #2: Communicate trust. Across all your public and internal communication, establish trust. As the TATA Group, it works.
Billion/Digital Desh

By 2020 – India Will Have 1 Billion Unique Mobile Subscribers – Google

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By 2020 – India Will Have 1 Billion Unique Mobile Subscribers – Google

India is an incredible growth story and it is here to remain and sustain for the next few years.

Global investors and entrepreneurs realise that the next billion users that will adopt technology, smartphones and the Internet at a much faster pace than the western world are in India.

The Next Billion User Countries

Google calls a set of countries as the next billion user countries. Of-course what works more in India’s favor is a strong government and an aspirational human capital that’s largely under 35 years of age. Brazil, India, Indonesia are in the top 10 next billion user countries based on search query volumes on Google search.

From Google I/O 17

See this video from Google I/O 17 that gives more insights into where the next billion users are.

From Digital Desh By NowFloats

Digital Desh by NowFloats is going deep ‘Inside The Internet Of India’ with its Digital Desh Drives. Do grab the Digital Desh 3.0 Report to understand the core challenges and opportunities that exist.


The Next Billion Indians – No Formal Education, 4800 Books Make Them Smart

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The Next Billion Indians – No Formal Education, 4800 Books Make Them Smart

I recently attended a 2 day conference at the Godrej India Culture Lab, Mumbai. The Lab is a place for all kinds of people to meet, share, inspire, amaze, thrill and cause valuable collisions that make this world a better place.

4800 books, first generation English language speakers and a debate on GM crops!

One of the speakers showed a story of a small private school somewhere in Coimbatore (India) where he was invited to judge a debate competition.

He assumed the debate will be another one of those usual topics (because the eldest student was class 10th). To his surprise the students were discussing GM crops and deliberated with strong facts from published reports/ papers in the US.

Ref to speaker: P Sainath from PARI

What’s so special in the paragraph above?

The students were from lesser fortunate background. Most of them couldn’t afford a private education outside their village. None if their families have ever spoken English. They don’t have proper access to Internet. To top it all, all of what they know is thanks to the 4800+ books that are part of their library. Its these books that have shaped their senses, understanding of the world and a deep sense of fact based argument making.

The library, the books

The next billion Indians across Tier 2&3 cities are learning in many different ways. The usual education system that most of us have been through is no longer the only standard that’s driving India forward.

Education and literacy is an incredibly opportunity (for Bharat) if you were to create a billion dollar business while creating valuable impact for your customers.

If you are keen to understand the next layer of connected users across Tier 2&3 cities in India, reach me:

Reach me at: paritosh(at) facebook / twitter / Linkedin

Featured Image Credit: Glen Noble