Get Your Synergy Card Before You Say: Ohh By God Lag Gayee Like Imran

Well, this one is going to be short and sweet. Since the past few days I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this new movie which released this Friday: Delhi- Belly! Though I haven’t seen the movie yet, but well, I know one thing for sure, its music is creating a whole connected scene with the intended audience. Especially this one song: bhaag DK Bose!

One interesting thought that came to my mind which connects with a line from the song where the singer says: Ohh by God Lag Gayee kya se kya hua?!

With the increasing inflation, almost everyday, prices of every commodity which is used by a normal household, is increasing and hence the need for discounts and sales arises all the more. It becomes normal human behavior to think of reducing prices one way or the other. Probably this is one reason many deals and discount sites are starting and doing so very well.

But lets stop for a moment and re-think it all, while you need discounts, you should be able to get them whenever you want and almost every-where you wish to. The Synergy Discounts Card actually helps you do just that!

So its as simple as walking to a partner store (it might be a food joint, a fun joint, a movie hall) and all you need to do is flash your Amity Synergy Discounts Card with the card number and wallah, the first wave of smile comes with at least a 15% discount.

As always, I never write anything on this blog, which has not been experienced by me, this discounts card is one thing I sure keep in my wallet daily. Who knows where you get a chance to save some money!

This video shows how easy it is:

So go ahead, get hold of this card and always remember, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Reward your Employees With Synergy Discounts and Deals

A note for all those reading my blog, NO, I am not obsessed with deals and discounts but YES, I am onto my quest for really learning as to how are these companies making it so big. What are their business models and what’s really happening at the back-end?

My latest post on how I got through the Amity Synergy Card which offered these fantastic discounts was liked by many people and I also got some requests to probe in further. I hence made up my mind to go ahead and meet the team behind the idea and how they are executing it.

My Experience: Count by Count

While I met the super energized team behind the Amity Synergy Card, my first impression was a fantastic mix of Youth, Experience and a free minded and open to innovation investor. So as I went ahead understanding their strategic thought and how it all happened, I found it very interesting to know the story behind how it all started.

Good to know that this is not a card which initiated as an influence from many others in this domain

They started in-house and did a proof of concept at Amity University, which obviously is a behemoth. Its in one word huge. The proof of concept was to look at how Amity students use the card and to understand the audience. And wallah, the results were astounding. Students loved the concept.

What’s the proof? Well, the 82,200 fans on facebook page is enough proof, aint it?

Hmmm, so I asked the team about how did they think about taking it further?

In one tone, everyone answered, we were sure its going to work out and we rolled the Amity Synergy Discounts card as a B2B offering. Though we are also stepping to the B2C domain. Interesting to note this.

B2B, B2C and Now its B2E!!

There are many things which companies today do to ensure that their employees are motivated and that they perform their level best at all times. Various companies have different sets of incentivized structures which keep the employees engaged and motivated to perform. The Synergy Discount card makes a lot of sense here. If you reward an employee telling him, that almost whatever he purchases from now on, will be discounted, obviously he will be happy. You are a smart organisation if you are helping your employees save money when everything around seems to be only rising up in price.

Interestingly Synergy Discounts card has some very interesting examples of how its Co-branded with various medium sized companies and how it has worked out very well for them, the companies and the employees.

For Start-ups and SMEs its Makes Most Sense

The Card according to me makes much sense for start-ups and SMEs. Whether you are a services or a products business. Interesting discounts on everyday products that you buy obviously makes for a great return on human capital happiness investment.

How Can You Order This Card for Your Company?

You can actually send an Email directly to Abhishek Pandey at: and the rest gets taken care of.

Drop in your experiences and comments about the Synergy card and any other interesting ideas you might have of usage for the Synergy Cards team. I’d be happy to forward it to them!