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How do you get $100 million tech conference to your city? Ask Drake and Toronto

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How do you get $100 million tech conference to your city? Ask Drake and Toronto

The city of Toronto is incredible. Its a cultural mix of people from across the world. It has the right mix of most elements that make a global city in the ever changing times today.

But the city of Toronto has one more thing to it, a phenomenon called, DRAKE. Who is DRAKE?

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor and entrepreneur. His co-sign to the city of Toronto is also worth 5% of Toronto’s economy. That makes him about $440 Million in worth to the city of Toronto. He is a sensation. Period.

Drake by no means is a full time philanthropist, but he has almost single handedly become an economic and brand positioning booster for Toronto around the world.

About the $100 Million and the tech conference

Ask Michael Thompson, Councillor Ward no 37, Scarborough Center. In a recent interview to Vice he mentioned about how he pitched to a tech conference to choose Toronto as their venue for 3 years. This will bring $147 million in revenue to the city of Toronto. The deal clincher was DRAKE!

Lesson in revenue maximisation for businesses from Drake and Toronto

  • Unlock your founders / key executives time and let them build more people to people relationships
  • Give back to the community – whatever size of business that you are, in small ways give back to your immediate community – this will spread and do a lot more good
  • Re-think – your existing services and solutions and position them for your most valuable customers

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Your CEO’s brand can be your #1 source of leads

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Your CEO’s brand can be your #1 source of leads

Whether you are a small, growing or a large business, your CEO’s brand can be your #1 source of leads/ business growth.

All business is P2P – people to people

This stands true especially in B2B. Whether you are are a SaaS product with a smaller monthly billing OR you bill your customers one-time, a larger sum. The decision gets made over a conversation between the buyer and the seller. Its a human conversation. This is why almost all SaaS companies have chat supports. This is why drift works.

Why your CEO’s brand?

The CEO makes the company human at the leadership level. The first perception that you establish as a brand when your CEO shares is that you are real. That you are approachable. And that you listen and engage. You make the P2P rule shared above, real.

So should your CEO’s brand be bigger than the company brand?

This is not even the right question to ask. The CEO simply makes the company more real. He / She does not overtake the company’s brand in anyway. Instead, he/ she makes it a lot more approachable and inspiring.

What’s a great example of a CEO’s brand working magic?

  • The late Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • Richard Branson
  • Ratan Tata

and several others.


I cannot blow my own trumpet – no personal branding for me!

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I cannot blow my own trumpet – no personal branding for me!

You have so many incredible years of experience, you are a growing founder of a business, you are a successful sports-star, you are an insanely creative artist. Why on earth will you not share your insights with the world and make this world a better place? Build an open world, it creates magic.

This is the only question that I ask all the leaders I meet is the above. If you believe in an open world that creates value for everyone, you must build a powerful and personally driven public narrative.