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How Can Small Businesses Get Their Idea To Spread Without Big Marketing?

Dear Small business owner, what you are wanting to spread is an idea. Marketing is not the answer you seek. In the world of networks today your growth is all about how deeply can you make people believe in your idea and invite/ inspire them to spread it for you. This is especially true for small businesses. This post captures the 2 (two) most important learnings while working with small business owners to spread their…

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Networking Sales

How Will You 2X Your Sales In 2018?

Are you ready to grow sales in 2018? Several SMEs sure are! In 2017 I took a conscious decision to work closely with SME owners and their teams. For emerging business owners the stakes are high. With high stakes comes huge responsibility to choose only the ‘must-haves’ and deliver results. So how can SMEs 2X their sales in 2018? The three winning must-have’s are the following: Get more meetings and drive business Create processes that…

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Trust Before We Transact – The India Bridge

Trust is the fundamental that sustains and grows business in India. Trust Before We Transact The Indian business ecosystem is driven by relationships. We transact a lot more basis the ‘comfort’ that we enjoy in our relationships. The fine layer of trust that exists in our business fabric is what drives growth. Trust? Trust comes in several formats. If you are a global technology giant like Google, facebook, YouTube, people would adopt to your service…

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