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Steve Jobs explained why operational productivity is the key to business growth

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Steve Jobs explained why operational productivity is the key to business growth

In a 1992 talk at MIT, Steve Jobs spoke on a variety of topics. One of the most important was why operational productivity matters for business growth than management productivity.

From Apple to NeXT. From management to operational productivity!

Steve shared the fantastic example of the thinking philosophy that the Macintosh team had at Apple. He then related it to the problem that NeXT was solving. He focused more on the value of building software that solves operational challenges and brings more productivity and efficiency.

Operational productivity is what growth stage founders must optimise

For growth stage founders the critical war to win is to increase operational productivity. If the people responsible for delivery and growth are under productive it directly impacts founders time leverage and hence organisational efficiency, costs and success.

How to build operational productivity?

  1. Software / tools
    1. Improve online collaboration and communication
    2. Time tracking for tasks – are people spending more time than they normally should in defined tasks?
    3. Improve customer interaction – tools that automate customer interaction (eg: chat bots) and others that lead to quick answers to queries/ questions
    4. Improve reporting – define the metrics to track and use dash-boarding tools
  2. Training
    1. No technology can create positive change if the people using it are not aligned to the larger goal and inspired to increase operational productivity

Steve Job’s talk at MIT

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Why optimising Uber’s wait time matter to one of the youngest billionaire entrepreneur?

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Why optimising Uber’s wait time matter to one of the youngest billionaire entrepreneur?

Bhavin Turakhia is One of the world’s youngest and amongst the fewest self made billionaire entrepreneurs. For the most he wouldn’t need an introduction. For the one’s who do, please Google / Linkedin.

Read this post from his Linkedin profile:

Exiting from Heathrow airport, he has optimising his Uber’s wait time on his mind!

This is a clear indication of two foundations of entrepreneurial success.

  1. SPEED

We are excited about Bhavin’s update because we recently blogged about SPEED and PRODUCTIVITY being the most important elements for business success.

SPEED and PRODUCTIVITY transformed our customers in 2018

The growth stage companies that we worked with in 2018 are seeing transformational change since they started focusing on people training, speed in execution, setting entrepreneurial productivity and sharp focus on mapping goals to people input.

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The biggest battle that Indian growth stage businesses need to win right now

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The biggest battle that Indian growth stage businesses need to win right now

The world is looking upon India as the next big economic growth opportunity. India, China and other parts of Asia are well positioned to grow. But they all face a major challenge – skills training and productivity.

The greatest war for Indian growth stage businesses

For Indian growth stage businesses, the greatest battle to win is of people productivity. Most founders of growth stage companies, especially the one’s that are growing with their own money, they expect more productivity from their people.

Productivity breakdown

  1. Increase in speed of execution (from strategy to actual action)
  2. Increase in overall efficiency (people to be more aware of their time and goals)
  3. Increase in adoption of technology (people to use more tools)

Indian growth stage companies choosing productive consultants than full-timers?

A rising trend across new age growth stage companies is to design special projects with defined timelines and clear goals to achieve. India Inc. is increasingly hiring ultra productive and experienced advisors / consultants to get on the fast track. Such a structure creates a win-win for everyone involved.

The strategy for Indian growth stage founders to grow with sustainability and speed?

  1. Deeply define growth projects with clear processes set to measure execution and goals achievement
  2. Hire experienced advisors / consultants for the first 6-12 months of the project to ensure a clear direction for the project backed with execution
  3. If you already have a team, align the advisor the goal to increase the overall productivity of the team ; if not, let the advisors own the process and the goal, fail fast and build the system for you that will scale as you hire people
  4. Beyond this period build an execution team that follows the set processes and delivers to the responsibilities


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Growth stage founders – this is the biggest fight you have to win in 2019

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Growth stage founders – this is the biggest fight you have to win in 2019

2019 is going to be the year of SPEED.

We are calling it the year of speed because technology has already transformed the work we do and the way we do our work. SPEED is going to be the key element that will create unfair advantages especially for growth stage companies.

Speed will matter especially across key growth functions – pre-sales, marketing, support

Our experience working with founders and CXO’s of growth stage companies has revealed an important insight. As the founders invest time in creating structured processes to increase speed across key growth functions, the overall organisational growth increases. It also elevates the overall organisational culture.

The 10 steps to create a culture of speed: 

  1. Kill the comfort zones – Implement technology to track actual execution by your team (GRC)
  2. Re-inforce speed as a culture with a 2 hour training every month
  3. Schedule structured time in your calendar to spot trends
  4. Weed out the bureaucracy + get other fast people on your side
  5. Get to market faster (prepare to learn fast and execute)
  6. Stay under the radar  – you don’t have to PR announce / launch everything
  7. Outsource customer support (we recommend DialDesk)
  8. Be ruthless with resources – a lot more can be done with less
  9. Put the “3” key metrics on the dashboard – nothing else for 6 months
  10. Stay very very close to the customer – involve them as often as possible

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Vision, Trust, Clarity, Metrics are the foundations of successful investor relations

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Vision, Trust, Clarity, Metrics are the foundations of successful investor relations

Whether you are an entrepreneur that has raised venture capital or a creator that has raised money via crowd-funding or a public company, investor relations are important.

Following are the 4 foundations of successful investor relations:

  1. Vision
  2. Trust
  3. Clarity
  4. Metrics

An investor is somebody who is trusting the founder(s) to spend his/ her money a lot better and create much bigger value. The value will translate into wealth creation if the investor – investee relation creates positive breakthroughs.

Investor relations begin a lot before you get the money in the bank

For founders it is important to understand that investor relations begin much before you get the money in the bank. It is a ‘relation’ that is akin to getting married. There are times when you get frustrated, when you do not like each other’s views and you fight, but you have to let the principles / foundation drive you.

Design your investor relations communication with the above principles. You will create more powerful and valuable relationships.

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Who is your customer?

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Who is your customer?

The day you answer this question really really well, you will be on your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur / business.

The best way to answer this question is to analyse who are the customers that you created most value for and do they also feel the same?

Let me start with my own example. The customers that my firm values the most are:

  1. Founders that are doing $1 million to $ 10 million in annual revenue.
  2. They are either single founders or two co-founders.
  3. All of them have an aggressive ambition to grow and have gone through the grind of building a successful business.
  4. Most of them have been unable to breakthrough of the ‘founders habit’ of being a problem solver. Because that makes all problems, their personal problems and they lock their time and value.
  5. Most of them yet do not have a governance system to measure if their people are truly time-efficient OR is the company still crippled with the employee-mindset?
  6. All of them are aggressively keen to understand how they can maximise revenue without a very large investment in people – processes – technology.
  7. All of them have an ‘X’ amount that they will be ready to invest every month for at least 12 months as our fee.

NOTE: the “fee” is always our last consideration because not every customer that can afford us is our customer.

Define your customer extremely according to the qualification criterion above. You will grow by creating meaningful impact.

About the author:
Time and Growth Advisors helps companies maximise revenue with training people, introducing technology and initiate customer involving initiatives.

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Have you set your plans for revenue maximisation in 2019?

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Have you set your plans for revenue maximisation in 2019?

Revenue maximisation is critical for every business. Whether you are a startup, an SME or a large enterprise, it is important to have a clear strategy for revenue maximisation.

So how do you ready your business for revenue maximisation?

From a 30,000 feet level, below are the fundamentals that you must be prepared for:

  1. Discipline : consistent people training and a follow-up process is required to be set-up
  2. Time : you must unlock time. Especially the time of key customer facing / growth stakeholders must be unlocked from daily operations.
  3. Understand your top customer : it is critical to understand your top customer and create more value for them.
  4. Deep innovation / more value design : you must work closely with your top customers and create deeper value for them.
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions : if you are a large firm, dedicate time on thinking at least 5 years in the future. Acquire smaller and nimble teams to add exponential value to your system.

What are the execution level details, how do we begin this practise?

  1. Train for time and efficiency : The most important pillar for the above is ‘time’. If the CXO’s, founders or the teams are not optimally using time, everything else will slow down and you will never reach the goals ‘in time’.
  2. Implement ‘governance and compliance’ for your growth teams : ensure that your growth teams (marketing, pre-sales, sales) are working in a system that they has compliance in-built.

If the above two fundamentals are implemented strongly, within two quarters you see change happening within the company and more value being created for customers.

About the author:
Time and Growth Advisors helps companies maximise revenue by unlocking time, setting systems and people discipline


Do you want to increase your revenue projection for 2019? Unlock your time now!

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Do you want to increase your revenue projection for 2019? Unlock your time now!

2 of our customers have increased their revenue projections for 2019 by 30% with a small increase in the overall people and technology investment.

In 2018, the interventions that we created in our customer’s businesses saved the founders a collective of 2200+ hours.

The founders have been able to do it purely because, the time that we unlocked for them allowed them to:

  1. Focus on more valuable customers
  2. Open new markets
  3. Position their solutions / offerings in a more valuable manner to customers
  4. Improve collections
  5. Increase their overall touch-points with customers in 2019

What interventions did we make?

  1. All team members reporting to the founders were trained and inspired to schedule all their days on calendars (some including weekends)
  2. Key team members had weekly calls scheduled with us to tack progress
  3. Progress reports were shared with the founder every 2 weeks
  4. Quarterly we hosted the unlock your time workshop (to ensure the overall company culture appreciates time and efficiency)
  5. We also helped the founders to re-brand + consolidate their service offerings to make them more valuable for their customers (revenue optimisation)

How can we make it happen for your business?

  1. Lets begin by hosting the Unlock Your Time workshop for your founders and key stakeholders / teams



Your CEO’s brand can be your #1 source of leads

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Your CEO’s brand can be your #1 source of leads

Whether you are a small, growing or a large business, your CEO’s brand can be your #1 source of leads/ business growth.

All business is P2P – people to people

This stands true especially in B2B. Whether you are are a SaaS product with a smaller monthly billing OR you bill your customers one-time, a larger sum. The decision gets made over a conversation between the buyer and the seller. Its a human conversation. This is why almost all SaaS companies have chat supports. This is why drift works.

Why your CEO’s brand?

The CEO makes the company human at the leadership level. The first perception that you establish as a brand when your CEO shares is that you are real. That you are approachable. And that you listen and engage. You make the P2P rule shared above, real.

So should your CEO’s brand be bigger than the company brand?

This is not even the right question to ask. The CEO simply makes the company more real. He / She does not overtake the company’s brand in anyway. Instead, he/ she makes it a lot more approachable and inspiring.

What’s a great example of a CEO’s brand working magic?

  • The late Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • Richard Branson
  • Ratan Tata

and several others.


44% of a company’s market value is attributable to CEO reputation

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44% of a company’s market value is attributable to CEO reputation

This is a statistic that was presented by this firm in 2015. In 2018 it is all the more relevant.

The late Steve at Apple, Richard at Virgin, Bill at Microsoft, Sridhar at Zoho, Narayan at Infosys, Vijay at PayTM, Dharmesh at Hubspot, Arianna at Huffington Post and Thrive Global, Seth at Seth Godin, Gary at Vayner Media, Naval at AngelList, Chamath at SocialCapital.

What’s common amongst all of them?

It is really how the world relates to their companies / institutions via them. While of-course some of them have thousands of employees spread across the world, some of them have even exited and in case of Steve, sadly he is no more, still the world knows Apple as Steve. Every startup office even to this date has Steve Jobs’ posters.

In the noise of social media, the CEO/ Founder’s public narrative has become more ‘real’ than the brand of the company

I do not see anything unusual here. Human stories drive human stories. The fundamental pillars that make us the most evolved organisms in the solar system (unless there are other super intelligent life forms that get discovered), we will always be inspired and moved by human potential and vision.

So how should you craft a powerful public narrative?

Here are the top 5 elements that I tell my customers (the founders and CXO’s that I work with):

  • #1: Be you. No facade. No fluff. No jazz. People will see through you.
  • #2: Your domain expertise and who you are ; these are 2 fundamentally different ‘you’.
  • #3: Be the reason for people to believe that you will make them more successful.
  • #4: Being diplomatic and politically correct makes people forget you faster than ever.
  • #5: Be consistently around people (with videos and blogs) ; if you are not ; you are invisible.

Remember, people have the ability to discover the needle in the haystack. The one’s who want to, will discover you. Its upon you to inspire and win them.