SaaS founders, close more deals in 2019 with an event every quarter

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SaaS founders, close more deals in 2019 with an event every quarter


The most successful SaaS companies designed their own event series to meaningfully engage their customers, grow recall and hence sales.

They had their agenda drawn right at the beginning of the year and went to create hyper growth literally by inviting other business owners.

In 2019 to create incredible growth, design your own event series. Host one power packed, high valuable and deeply meaningful event every quarter. Curate every event extremely passionately.

Remember, start with your customer, end with your customer. Do not make it a since we paid for it, you must take our sales pitch.

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In 2018, all of our customers saw an incredible growth in sales with the custom events that they hosted for their customers and partners.

The founders also said that they were able to position their brand a lot more meaningfully with the customers in an offline mode.

The most successful format that worked

Short format events worked the best. About 50 – 70 relevant people in a closed hall environment, designed to achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Make it easy for people to meaningfully network
  2. Make it easy for people to take back key insights and signals from speakers
  3. Ensure more quality time between speakers and attendees

Senior business dev executives from SaaS companies presented at every event

We saw senior sales executives from growth stage and large SaaS companies present at almost every event. One of the fastest growing SaaS companies in India had their senior sales team scout for large enterprise business at these events.

How to design and execute your own event series in 2019?

  1. Start with the customer, end with the customer
  2. Your customers must gain extreme value (knowledge + networks)
  3. Design such that people can share more, do not create a one shot wonder
  4. Create a one-event-per-quarter calendar
  5. CURATE every event extremely passionately

The Proximity Principle At Events

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The Proximity Principle At Events

What’s the proximity degree at your event?

This is the first question that I ask the core teams responsible for designing events. The usual answer is ’round table seating’/ ‘theatre style seating’. Many describe the design of registration table, stall area, food area etc.

Why are people coming to your event?

Networking is one of the top factors that pulls people towards attending a certain professional gathering. The primary consideration hence for any event design team must be to accelerate/ enable networking.

I will come to the design and layout in another post, first networking!

Have you ever wondered, how many steps away from a certain person can I get to know him and hence approach him? At most events people use the card dangling from the lanyard. Most times one needs to look up the card to know the person and his/ her company.

I compare this to increasing at least 3 clicks on the web/ mobile site for your customer to make purchase. Would you do it?

The most impactful design for a networking card is: a square card with white background, the brand name on top and persons name right below. Use the Roboto Medium font OR Raleway. A font size ranging between 14 – 20 is best depending upon the card paper quality and the size.

Give each ‘registered attendee’ 100 introduction cards: Green/ Yellow proximity cards

This is one of the most incredible techniques that works always. To all ‘registered attendees’ offer 100 introduction cards. Each card is designated ‘green’ and ‘yellow’.

Green designates that an attendee wants to do business with your company and has an opportunity/ offer to discuss. Yellow designates that I am yet unclear of a structured opportunity to explore with you.

Each card has the name, designation, company name, URL of the company.

Design winning events

Email: paritosh@paritoshsharma.com


Events Drive Curious Email Sign-Ups

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Events Drive Curious Email Sign-Ups

How can events drive Email Sign-ups?

An important and unique part of the human nature is curiosity. Its the human curiosity that drives exploration and often the hustle to find/ build new solutions. Events raise curiosity. They open the road to possibilities.

Events raise curiosity!

Events are an incredible way to capture someone’s curiosity. When a person moves from his/ her comfort zone to visit your event, its a strong signal that he/ she imagined an opportunity being fulfilled. 

Events drive Email sign-ups!

Events are an incredible way to drive curious and loyal Email sign-ups. The probability of someone giving the permission to send him/ her information via Emails after he/ she visits a valuable event is very high.

While there’s no factual research, a Google search shows various sites stating the sign-ups probability increasing by a whopping 50%+. Its incredible.

Build a branded property

Whatever be the size of your business, building a branded property is one of the smartest moves you’d ever make. Google I/O, Facebook F8, Apple’s WWDC are amongst the several examples. Overtime they have grown to be massive communities of loyalists and early adopters.