Trust Before We Transact – The India Bridge

Trust is the fundamental that sustains and grows business in India. Trust Before We Transact The Indian business ecosystem is driven by relationships. We transact a lot more basis the ‘comfort’ that we enjoy in our relationships. The fine layer of trust that exists in our business fabric is what drives growth. Trust? Trust comes in several formats. If you are a global technology giant like Google, facebook, YouTube, people would adopt to your service…

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Billion Digital Desh

By 2020 – India Will Have 1 Billion Unique Mobile Subscribers – Google

India is an incredible growth story and it is here to remain and sustain for the next few years. Global investors and entrepreneurs realise that the next billion users that will adopt technology, smartphones and the Internet at a much faster pace than the western world are in India. The Next Billion User Countries Google calls a set of countries as the next billion user countries. Of-course what works more in India’s favor is a…

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Bharat Events

The Next Billion Indians – No Formal Education, 4800 Books Make Them Smart

I recently attended a 2 day conference at the Godrej India Culture Lab, Mumbai. The Lab is a place for all kinds of people to meet, share, inspire, amaze, thrill and cause valuable collisions that make this world a better place. 4800 books, first generation English language speakers and a debate on GM crops! One of the speakers showed a story of a small private school somewhere in Coimbatore (India) where he was invited to…

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Digital Desh

From भारत to Digital India

Change is the only constant. The kind of change and the pace of change that we are seeing today around the world is something that not many would have expected as soon. Humanity is evolving. The human spirit of challenging the set world order and the way the world works is pushing humanity to a whole new realm of existence. From भारत to Digital India The new world order is not about oil or guns. Its…

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