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How can pure services and productised service companies maximise revenue?

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How can pure services and productised service companies maximise revenue?

Revenue maximisation is important especially for services only companies and productised services companies.

Define revenue maximisation – who is the customer?

  • Is revenue maximisation related to your customers, investors or your employees or all of them?

Design initiatives that involve the customer very meaningfully.

  • Investor relations – before you raise money, aim to gain mutual respect with a great relationship
  • Customer relations – before you ask the customer to pay more, ask how you can be responsible for more of their wins?
  • Employee relations – upgrade people skills and make them ready for deeper and more valuable journeys in your organisation

Customers today demand more without having to spend more, how can services companies address this challenge?

The smartest way to do this is to think and act like a consulting firm.

  • Engage your customer deeply in the customer involvement initiative that you have designed. Let the customer deeply describe what exact value are they seeking and what would they invest to solve this problem?
  • Help the customer deeply define the problem statement and suggest innovative solutions that reduce overall cost of ownership and get your customers closer to the results they want to achieve.

Founders Time/MASTERCLASS/Revenue Maximisation

How do you get $100 million tech conference to your city? Ask Drake and Toronto

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How do you get $100 million tech conference to your city? Ask Drake and Toronto

The city of Toronto is incredible. Its a cultural mix of people from across the world. It has the right mix of most elements that make a global city in the ever changing times today.

But the city of Toronto has one more thing to it, a phenomenon called, DRAKE. Who is DRAKE?

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor and entrepreneur. His co-sign to the city of Toronto is also worth 5% of Toronto’s economy. That makes him about $440 Million in worth to the city of Toronto. He is a sensation. Period.

Drake by no means is a full time philanthropist, but he has almost single handedly become an economic and brand positioning booster for Toronto around the world.

About the $100 Million and the tech conference

Ask Michael Thompson, Councillor Ward no 37, Scarborough Center. In a recent interview to Vice he mentioned about how he pitched to a tech conference to choose Toronto as their venue for 3 years. This will bring $147 million in revenue to the city of Toronto. The deal clincher was DRAKE!

Lesson in revenue maximisation for businesses from Drake and Toronto

  • Unlock your founders / key executives time and let them build more people to people relationships
  • Give back to the community – whatever size of business that you are, in small ways give back to your immediate community – this will spread and do a lot more good
  • Re-think – your existing services and solutions and position them for your most valuable customers

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