SaaS founders, close more deals in 2019 with an event every quarter

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SaaS founders, close more deals in 2019 with an event every quarter


The most successful SaaS companies designed their own event series to meaningfully engage their customers, grow recall and hence sales.

They had their agenda drawn right at the beginning of the year and went to create hyper growth literally by inviting other business owners.

In 2019 to create incredible growth, design your own event series. Host one power packed, high valuable and deeply meaningful event every quarter. Curate every event extremely passionately.

Remember, start with your customer, end with your customer. Do not make it a since we paid for it, you must take our sales pitch.

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In 2018, all of our customers saw an incredible growth in sales with the custom events that they hosted for their customers and partners.

The founders also said that they were able to position their brand a lot more meaningfully with the customers in an offline mode.

The most successful format that worked

Short format events worked the best. About 50 – 70 relevant people in a closed hall environment, designed to achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Make it easy for people to meaningfully network
  2. Make it easy for people to take back key insights and signals from speakers
  3. Ensure more quality time between speakers and attendees

Senior business dev executives from SaaS companies presented at every event

We saw senior sales executives from growth stage and large SaaS companies present at almost every event. One of the fastest growing SaaS companies in India had their senior sales team scout for large enterprise business at these events.

How to design and execute your own event series in 2019?

  1. Start with the customer, end with the customer
  2. Your customers must gain extreme value (knowledge + networks)
  3. Design such that people can share more, do not create a one shot wonder
  4. Create a one-event-per-quarter calendar
  5. CURATE every event extremely passionately
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How can pure services and productised service companies maximise revenue?

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How can pure services and productised service companies maximise revenue?

Revenue maximisation is important especially for services only companies and productised services companies.

Define revenue maximisation – who is the customer?

  • Is revenue maximisation related to your customers, investors or your employees or all of them?

Design initiatives that involve the customer very meaningfully.

  • Investor relations – before you raise money, aim to gain mutual respect with a great relationship
  • Customer relations – before you ask the customer to pay more, ask how you can be responsible for more of their wins?
  • Employee relations – upgrade people skills and make them ready for deeper and more valuable journeys in your organisation

Customers today demand more without having to spend more, how can services companies address this challenge?

The smartest way to do this is to think and act like a consulting firm.

  • Engage your customer deeply in the customer involvement initiative that you have designed. Let the customer deeply describe what exact value are they seeking and what would they invest to solve this problem?
  • Help the customer deeply define the problem statement and suggest innovative solutions that reduce overall cost of ownership and get your customers closer to the results they want to achieve.


How Will You 2X Your Sales In 2018?

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How Will You 2X Your Sales In 2018?

Are you ready to grow sales in 2018? Several SMEs sure are!

In 2017 I took a conscious decision to work closely with SME owners and their teams. For emerging business owners the stakes are high. With high stakes comes huge responsibility to choose only the ‘must-haves’ and deliver results.

So how can SMEs 2X their sales in 2018?

The three winning must-have’s are the following:

  1. Get more meetings and drive business
  2. Create processes that increase customer engagement and inspire existing customers to refer more business
  3. A powerful narrative about your business led by the founder/ CEO/ top management

So how do you get more meetings?

The answer to the question above is ‘business networking’. In 2017 I worked with several SME owners and their teams to ensure that everyone in the team plays the role of an ‘opportunity creator’. These ‘opportunities’ are then filtered by the Sales teams to drive business.

The first step in opportunity creation is ‘Linkedin’. My company UNCV has trained hundreds of employees and business leaders on how to spread your businesses’ influence and build your personal authority.

Several business leaders today entrust UNCV to manage their Linkedin profiles and amplify their influence and authority.

How do you automate customer engagement and generate more referrals?

The answer to the question above is deep understanding of the customer. Why does the customer care for your service/ product? And how can you leverage tools like Chat applications, Email automation, CRM and Social media to engage customers.

I found that most SME owners do not know their customers as personally as they ideally must. This personal connection/ understanding is an unfair advantage that an emerging company can establish as a method in the company.

Thankfully most SME owners that I have worked with are eager and willing to invest in processes and technology to solve these critical business problems.

How do you create a narrative that’s understood by your customers?

The answer to this question is this blog post by Andy Raskin . I strongly suggest my customers to read this post every 2 weeks and remind themselves of the narrative.

Infact when we manage the Linkedin profiles of SME owners, the most important value that gets created is the narrative that creates a major perceptive shift in potential customer networks.

I wish you 2X sales in 2018. Go big.