Customer: Taxmantra Global

  1. The overall Taxmantra brand philosophy – YouWin
  2. TAD – The Advantage Dialogue (external)
  3. The India – Singapore Bridge Report (external)
  4. Training and working with team (internal)

Customer: IndusNet Technologies

  1. Designed video narratives for new solution launch
  2. Designed B2B content formats and calendar
  3. Digital Success (brand identity, summit)

Customer: DialDesk, TeamMAS

  1. Designed CX/REFRESH (brand identity, summit, mini-events)
  2. Designed the CX/REFRESH workshop
  3. Managing the CX/REFRESH digital property

Customer: Ecom Express

  1. Manage reviews and fake feedback for Ecom Express on Google 

Customer: Sagoon Inc.

  1. Designed the Sagoon Rise and Shine Show to raise funding
  2. Investor relations for Sagoon

Customer: Detel

  1. Designed the video series #MasterclassWithYB to establish greater trust with the Founder. 

Customer: Naturals Salon

  1. #TrueBeauty by Naturals – video interviews with Miss India Finalists